Now it seems that tattoos have become popular body makeup for many people. People have now found a way to express themselves through tattoos. Maybe you’ve also thought of making a tattoo. In the meantime, if you have tattoos on your body and you love to swim, perhaps you need to buy a high-quality waterproof tattoo coverup.

However, before you go to the nearest tattoo studio and roll up your sleeves, here are some important things you should know:

First, understand the risk of making a tattoo

If you inject any chemical into your own skin, there is always a risk of a dangerous infection. Some of the risks that may occur are hepatitis, infection, or the appearance of warts. Using needles or non-sterile ink can cause infection. So make sure the studio where you are tattooed meets safety rules to keep you healthy and free of infection. The risk of infection is what makes the experts provide a rule to wait at least 1 year for those of you who make tattoos to be able to donate blood. In the first 1 week, it is very important to take all the recommended actions to prevent infection.

Make sure the security of the tattoo studio is good

You must ensure that you will be tattooed by a professional tattoo artist who knows the standard security measures for tattooing. The tattoo studio must have a certificate of sterilization (don’t hesitate to ask the tattoo artist about it). You also have to make sure that your tattoo artist wears gloves. The medicine for ointment, ink, water, and other items must be returned to its place after being used to tattoo someone.

Get ready for the pain

The level of pain you feel while tattooed varies from person to person. Everyone must feel hurt when tattooed. However, getting tattooed was not a kind of unbearable pain. Tattooing will not feel like being stabbed or anything extreme.

More like an annoying pain, like a small pinch. The pain will also depend on the area of the skin to be tattooed. If you are tattooed on a thin and sensitive part of your skin, or that is close to your bone or pulse, it will feel more painful.

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