Wrong to buy a larger size of abaya? Do you feel less confident because you feel wearing abaya because it looks too big? This indeed often happens because the abaya itself has a loose silhouette, no wonder many people feel great when using this one canal collection. Even so, your favorite oversized abayas you can still deal with some style tricks, you know! With a little help with this style trick, you won’t feel the abaya you are wearing looks big and is more confident of course too. In the meantime, you may want to check out some of the best online abaya stores too.

Are you curious about the tips? Here are 3 ways to deal with abaya that are too large for you to try:

1. Overcome oversized abayas with belts to make the abaya slimmer

One of the easiest tricks in deceiving oversized clothes is to use a belt or belt. Well, the trick that must be considered in the selection of the right belt. Adjust to your body shape.

If you have a small body shape, you can choose a belt model with a large design to give a statement. However, if your body shape contains, you should use a belt model with a small design to make it look slim.

After choosing the right belt, then you just need to attach this belt to the waist of the abaya so it doesn’t look too big.

2. Use long outerwear to disguise the abaya is too large

The second way that could be an alternative way for you to outsmart the oversized abaya is to disguise it using the layering style. Yep! For a solid style of stacking this one, you can try using long outerwear.

Long outerwear itself is believed to be able to disguise abaya that is too large.

3. Pull a little part of the abaya cloth with a brooch to outsmart the impression of oversize

Don’t really like wearing long outerwear or belts? Another option you can choose is to form a knot using a pretty brooch. The trick is to pull a little part of the abaya fabric at the waist and form a knot like a small coil. Once tied neatly, cover it with a brooch to make it look neat and more beautiful.

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