To find work in London, the challenges are many. Starting from the affairs of the UK work visa which is rather complicated, until a competing crowd, because many people come to study and find work in London. On Of course, the company will prioritize prospective workers who are entitled to work, such as citizens of the European Union who do not need visas for work or study or in and out of European countries, or people who already have work visas. The company does not want to be agitated by the visa application, and indeed they cannot be blamed either. Generally, the first thing that recruiters and companies ask about is Visa. So quite frankly it’s useless to apply for work before holding the UK work visa. One of the requirement is to pass the english test paper so make sure that you are fully informed about what to prepare to get a visa.

A job opening in London, especially for college graduates or fresh graduates, can be applied by around 100-300 people. Websites like Reed list how many people have applied for registered jobs. And imagine, of these hundreds of people, only about 10 people are called in interviews, and only one person will get a job. That is because many people are looking for a job in London, sometimes they use a tourist visa. Tourist visas are certainly illegal for work. The risk can be caught, forced to go home, be banned to enter the UK. If you are studying in the UK you could apply for a part-time job and you do not need a work visa. If students are generally given a maximum of 20 hours a week work. To work full time you need a work visa. For part-time or rough work, for example in restaurants, factories, and the like, generally hourly. Office, usually a salary count per year. There are many kinds of work visas. How much time depends on which work visa. It’s better to check the UK Home Office website, the rules change every time.

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