Return on Equity or ROE is one measure to determine the company’s performance in generating profits or profits. ROE formula is usually used by those who jump into the business or investment world. In addition to the ROE formula, there is also the Return on Asset (ROA) formula which is also used to measure business or company performance. Both ROE and ROA, very helpful entrepreneurs or business people in determining the next steps for business development. While for investors, the existence of ROE and ROA is very useful as a consideration in choosing stocks that have the potential to provide benefits. That means by using ROE or ROA, investors are not careless in investing in shares. If you are just starting a business or investing in shares, it is better to know more about the definition of Return on Equity (ROE). Apart from that, you can also go to if you are a beginner investor who wants to know more things about investments.

Return on Equity (ROE) is an indicator that measures how well a company is utilizing capital (equity) to generate profit (profit). ROE gives an illustration to investors whether the invested capital is used as well as possible to make a profit or just the opposite. Return on Equity (ROE) is calculated by dividing net income with shareholders’ equity. You could say the ROE formula provides information on how high the rate of return received by investors on the invested capital.

In addition, ROE plays a role in measuring how successful management is in managing a business or business. If ROA is presented as a percentage, so is ROE. The results of the calculation of Return on Equity are also presented in the form of percentages.

The greater the percentage of ROE, the more productive a company is. Conversely, a small percentage of ROE is a sign that the company cannot optimize capital from investors (equity). Productivity that results in returns received by investors becomes key information about a company’s performance. One can obtain this information from calculations using the ROE formula.

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