The modern world, a world so vibrant for the people of contemporary times. The development of modern technologies, architecture, fashion, discourse, and lifestyles has become so commonplace in today’s modern world. Modern stream life, so fast, instant and sophisticated. It makes people’s way of life more irreversible, irregular and difficult to control. Do not let your way of life wrong to see the modern world, make your mental and mental health disturbed. Do not overdo it and just fit your capacity, as well as your ability to follow current trends.

Enter the era of globalization and the free world market today. Changes in the style that had been monotonous to be more contemporary, aka modernization. Just as the Fashion world is thriving, ideas are emerging so unique, and innovative in renewal in terms of modern human dress. The easterners followed many westerners and vice versa. Changes also occur from the way speak. The eastern people prefer to use dialects that smell of English-English. While they are westerners, interested in learning rich eastern languages. Modern lifestyle, penetrate anyone and penetrated to every corner. Only oriented to the goals and interests of individuals

Moderenisasi is a period in which human life is experiencing a change in the way of the view of various issues concerning an individual or community groups by doing a practical action to overcome them. With the concept of practicality, humans are expected to reduce the burden of the work they bear. Modern lifestyle itself brings positive and negative impacts. Of course, there are various benefits that we can get, such as:

– Man ease the burden of his work with the tools of information and communication technology and means of transportation that all sophisticated and modern.
– Lifestyle delivery order helps humans if he is busy but needs goods or food that the condition of his shop away so he just ordered what he needed.
– Enriching the elements of culture because of the culture that comes will do a melting culture of the old culture and produce a new culture.

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