The foundation of the house is a part of building construction that serves to hold the weight of all the parts above it. The foundation of the house is in any building because of its vital role. Whether or not a home foundation also ensures a building whether it can last long and is strong against natural disasters such as earthquakes. You can ask Foundation and Crawl Space Pros to get the best home foundation. The foundation of the house also has several types with different advantages. What are they?

1. Site

The foundation of this house is made of reinforced concrete and is located just below the column. Poles and depths reach the hard ground and are suitable for tall buildings and standing on soft soil are a footprint type house foundation. The advantages of site type house foundations are that the price is much cheaper in terms of costs, less land excavation (only in the column structure), and for multi-story buildings, this type is superior to the house foundation stone.

2. Strauss Pile

Strauss pile house foundation is the foundation of the house which is in the shallow category. This type of foundation is usually used in buildings whose loads are not too heavy, for example for the design of residential houses or other buildings that have a long span between columns. The advantage is the volume of concrete used is not much and the end of the foundation can rest on hard soil.

3. Stakes

The pile type house foundation is a foundation construction that is able to hold orthogonal forces to the axis of the pole by absorbing bending. The advantage of the pile house foundation is that we will get guaranteed concrete quality because it is made with a manufacturing system. Then it can reach the hardest carrying capacity of the land not only from the end of the pole but also from the surrounding of the pole.

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