A criminal lawyer is one of popular job in Brampton. Here you can find a lot of best criminal lawyer in Brampton for cases that related to crimes. They offer high-quality services for the client. They will help to bring and argue the client’s cases in the court of law. Professional and certified lawyers are ready to help you anywhere and anytime. So you don’t have to worry about your cases.

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer, here’s the recommendation for a criminal lawyer for those who live in Brampton.

Best Criminal Lawyer in Brampton Near Me

1. Arman Farjoud
Arman Farjoud is law firm that dedicated and serve the clients across Ontario. They also represent individuals that charged with all types of criminal offenses. It includes appeals, domestic assault, assault, uttering threats, fraud offenses, theft, drugs, weapon or firearms, theft under or over, robbery offenses, criminal harassment, assault with a weapon, firearms, aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, guns and gangs.

2. David Rosta
David Rosta is one of the best criminal lawyers in Brampton. This criminal lawyer offers a wide range of legal counsel to international and local clients. They also deliver exceptional results experience and combination of skills that help clients in various life situation. Established in 1993, David Rosta provide services such as break and enter, domestic assault crime, extradition, bail reviews and bail hearings, fraud, highway traffic act offenses, weapon offenses, impaired driving, sexual assault and assault with a weapon.

3. Jag Virk Criminal Lawyers
Established in 2006, Jag Virk Criminal Lawyers is one of the best criminal lawyers in Brampton. They offer services including weapon charges, simple assault, domestic assault, firearms, aggravated assault, drug possession, impaired driving, drug trafficking, drug charges, driving under the influence and drug cultivation. They also provide a free consultation and have affordable monthly payment plans.

Those are some recommendation about the best criminal lawyer in Brampton near me that you need to know.

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