Looking for the best card payment machine for small business is important for every business owners. There’s numerous payment machine that available on the market like a countertop, portable, and mobile payment machine clicking here. There are several factors you should consider before you choose the payment machine, including payment options, cost, and functions. You should also know and understand how it works to help transaction in your small business easier and efficient.

If you’re interested to accept card payment in your store, here’s some recommendation of card machines for your small business.

Best Card Payment Machine for Small Business Recommendation

1. WorldPay Zinc

WorldPay is the biggest credit card processing company in the UK, which offer card payment machine for small business. WorldPay Zinc also reducing its features to only the essentials and they do not wish to compete with a traditional card payment machine. This payment machine has an advantage to handles both phone and in-person payments.

WorldPay has several key features including accepted payment with debit or credit card that supported by Visa, Maestro or MasterCard, the card reader compatible and works with iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, and also comes with a 12-month warranty.

2. SumUp

Another best card payment machine for small business is SumUp. SumUp offers simple and flat transaction fee that works with a lower volume of transactions. This payment machine can be an alternative to the iZettle card. SumUp has some main features, such as up to 8 hours of battery life, accepted payments for chip and pin, credit and debit cards, and magnetic swipe. They also offer a flat transaction fee with no fixed monthly fee. The card reader works with an online application and connects or compatible with iOS or Android phones and tablets via Bluetooth.

Those are some recommendation of card payment machine for small business you should know. So, it is important for you to choose the right card reader from the best provider like SumUp or WorldPay Zinc for your small business.

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