Shisha was originally just another word for a water pipe. Outside the Middle East, people usually refer to this pipe as a hookah, and shorten the phrase “shisha cigarettes” to just “shisha”. You don’t need to know about the history of words to start enjoying smoking shisha, you just need to learn the information in this article. You can Buy Hookah Tobacco on our website.

Cleaning before the first use and after each smoking session will keep the taste of cigarette smoke from mixing. Wash all the components with soapy water, except the hose. Most hoses will rust or rot when wet. Clean the glass components with warm or cold water. Hot water can crack the glass.

Pour water into the bottom. Look and see where the stem ends. Now, remove the stem and pour cold water directly into the bottom. When reinstalling, the end of the stem must be 2.5 cm below the surface of the water. Too much water can be sucked into the hose and destroy it. Always leave the air layer on the top of the hookah.

Install the hookah. Attach the stem to the bottom, insert the hose into the hole on the side of the stem. Each connection must have a rubber “grommet” to keep the hose airtight. Check the connection between the bowl and the top of the stem too, then remove the hookah bowl for a while. Install all hoses, even if you will only use one of them. In this way, the hookah rod will remain tightly closed.

Test the air flow. Place your hand on the stem and block all parts of the hole. Try breathing through one of the hoses. If there are rather large ripples, this means your hookah has a leak. Double check all connections and adjust:

– If a grommet doesn’t fit, wet it and try installing it again.
– If the connection between the stem and the bottom of the hookah is not airtight, wrap the rod with masking tape. Add several layers of masking tape until the stem remains easily removed but attach firmly.
– If there are other inappropriate connections, wrap in aluminum sheets or wet paper towels. If you use damp paper near the hose, remember to dry it immediately after smoking.

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