Wide kayaks such as tandem or folding kayaks require longer oars. Longer paddles allow you to paddle without rubbing against the side like you. Paddles that are too short require extra energy to do a good stroke. All blade parts cannot paddle perfectly so it is very difficult to make you run well. Control of the direction will be disturbed if the blade does not paddle perfectly.Visit our website and get kayaks for sale in San Diego CA.

If you like to paddle fast, short and fast strokes, shorter paddle sizes will make your stroke more efficient. If you like to paddle leisurely or like to wade through a river with long tracks, a long paddle will produce a light paddle that saves energy for long rafting. In general, taller people need longer oars. Short people are more appropriate to use shorter paddles to produce a lightweight and efficient stroke.

You could say a lighter paddle is easier to use. Even so, the right paddle is a combination of lightweight, shape, and strength of the material. Paddles for whitewater kayaking are specifically designed to paddle with maximum stroke, so the paddling strength is the main choice. Touring paddles are not designed for heavy paddling as in whitewater kayaking, so weights are very important to consider, especially for long tracks.

Paddles from wood really help us to feel the movement of water well so it is very helpful to produce a soft and rhythmic stroke. The wood also feels warm so it is comfortable to hold in cold weather. Unfortunately, wooden paddles need maintenance, especially in terms of appearance. Choosing the right wood can produce a durable and durable paddle. Most wooden oars are coated with fiberglass to increase their strength and minimize maintenance.

If your paddle is broken or lost on the second day in four days of rafting, what can you do? Without backup, you might be floating around like you. Aluminum and plastic paddles with separable handles can be the right, inexpensive backup paddle option that can prevent you from unwanted events. Make sure you bring along your spare paddle for safe and comfortable rafting.

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