Everyone must have jeans with various models of jeans that we like. But not many people know how to care for good jeans. Habits of many people who always soak their jeans for too long so that the colors and materials will quickly fade and be damaged. Much we can do to care for our favorite jeans. You can use Lavanderia rj service to wash your jeans properly.

1. The process of soaking, washing and drying jeans
The first way is by soaking the jeans in a tub/bucket with water filling as high as 6 inches, at room temperature. Then add water with two tablespoons of mild formula washing soap. Put in jeans and soak the jeans in a horizontal position. Soak for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water then dry. Drying jeans should not be dried directly in the sun continuously.

2. Choosing Jeans Washing Soap
In washing Jeans that also need to be considered, namely the use of washing soap Avoid washing with bleach (Sodium Hipoclorid) which will cause white spots on the fabric. Washing jeans should be separate, not mixed with other clothes that are not jeans because it will cause the color of other clothes to absorb the blue color content of the remaining jeans washing water. For non-denim fabrics (Corduroy, Permanent Press), washing should not be brushed because it will cause the fibers to become hairy.

3. Jeans Ironing Process
Do not do the ironing on Jeans that are in humid conditions, because it will result in a blue fungus that will make the fabric become weathered quickly. The temperature when ironing Jeans should not be too hot because it will cause staining (white patches). Permanent Press is not recommended with temperatures above 60 ° C because it will result in the melting of the Permanent Press. The recommended temperature is below 40 ° C.

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