For the first time, the common ancient archery problem was solved successfully in ancient Greece. Arrows are not widely used here, only according to some historical information, some analog weapons like that exist. There is written evidence that they were used in the Syracuse battle. This type of weapon was made and successfully used in the East in the early Han dynasty (2nd century BC). There he proved himself the best side of the ancient Chinese struggle with their opponents. However, innovative designs have been forgotten for centuries. And the situation changed only when medieval arrows came to the stage of history. There is artistic evidence (pictured on the rug) that one of the weapons in the Battle of Hastings (1066, October) was a crossbow. They serve Norman soldiers very well. Although it’s not as advanced as the absolute survivalist top crossbows that we use today, it’s still the origin of the modern-day crossbow.

This type of weapon in European troops emerged in the IX century. The arrows were also found in the text of a Spanish monk dated to the 8th century.

In the first half of the 12th century, Anna Komnina, a Byzantine princess, mentioned in her letters a medieval arrow weapon, calling it frightening, regarding targets from a distance and possessing killing power. Indeed, the fact is known when a similar military device was punched through a bronze statue. And striking at the siege of a strong city wall, the arrow pierced through the rock completely, sometimes even coming out.

It is possible to stretch such constructions in a number of ways, for example, holding it with your left hand or in a free right manner. Or, leaning on the semicircle of onion with their feet, the two warriors immediately with all the might pull the string with a single jerk. And before aiming, the arrows were placed in a special channel. He looks like a half-cylinder cut and is in the middle of the device.

For this weapon, the arrow isn’t too long, but the tip is very heavy and thick. They use a special name – bolt. The tension strength of medieval arrows made it possible to pierce strong metal plates and the most reliable shields.

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