The most common cause of a dead smartphone is due to incorrect application installations and system damage that can be repaired by yourself. You may need to read some solutions in this article. Additionally, you might also need to know the best smartphone repair company in singapore.

How do smartphones die?

Mobile phones can die for several reasons:

If the smartphone falls on the floor or hard surface.

If the smartphone gets wet or falls in the rain or water.

If there are types of short (in + and -) or shorting on the Mobile Phone PCB.

Here’s How to Fix Dead smartphones:

Remove the battery and see if the battery is charged or not. Check the voltage using a Multimeter. The voltage must be 3.7-4.2 Volt DC.

Use Battery Booster to Increase Battery Strength and recharge the battery again.

Check the Battery Point and Battery Connector. Clean the Battery Point and
Battery connector to remove carbon deposits.

Repair or replace the Battery Connector.

Plug the charger and see if the “Battery Charging” icon appears or not.

If there is a “Battery Charging” icon but the smartphone cannot ON then tick ON / OFF. The ON / OFF Switch voltage must be 2.5 to 3.5 Volts (DC).

Clean or change the ON / OFF Switch.

Check the Switch and Use an electrical jumper on its tracks if needed.

If the charging icon is not there, check the Switch voltage LIFE AND DEATH. If the voltage is between 2.5 to 3.7 Volt DC, then
RELOAD Software on the Phone (Flashing Software).

If the phone does not want to be turned on even after reloading the software, then heat C.P.U, Power IC, and Flash IC.

If there is no voltage on the ON / OFF Switch then check the switch ON / OFF switch. Use the jumper if needed.

If the problem is not resolved then it is hot, you must repair or change the Power IC and CPU to correct the problem.

Keep the Multimeter in the Bell Mode and Check + and – from the Battery Connector. If there is a Buzzer Sound then the Phone is short. If there are deficiencies in the battery connector then cleans the PCB thinner. Apply Flux and Preheat the PCB.

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