Aside from choosing a bracelet according to the material and shape, there is another way that people really don’t know, which is choosing a bracelet according to personality! In the meantime, if you also like steel bracelets, we recommend you visit and buy some of the best ones for yourself.

The trick is to see the color. Before you start, what color do you like? Just check the information below, is there color with your personality?

Red – love
Who’s the one who likes red? Your life must be full of love. Maybe a love relationship is not always good, but you will definitely be happier when with a lover, and surely you are someone who likes to share feelings of love with those around you.

Yellow – Excited
Yellow is a symbol of you a happy person, girls! Your activity that you like the most is when you are with your best friend and then enjoy time together while laughing happily. Nothing is happier than Quality Time with friends for people who like the color yellow!

Green – Explorer
People who like green are the type who likes something new! Especially the challenge to explore nature that has never been visited before! Surely you who like the color green will find pleasure when you spend the night in the forest, mountains, and beaches that have lots of green trees! Feels like you’re living in all-powerful heaven, girls!

Blue – Calm down
Like calm water, people who like the color blue have a calm personality and are open-minded. He is always calm in dealing with all kinds of situations and also always wants to listen to what others say. One of the activities that he likes the most is when he meets with friends and tells exciting things until late at night.


It’s kinda similar to yellow, but it has a calmer tone for a bracelet. We recommend this color if you want to look young, fresh, without having a color that is too striking for eyes to see.

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