Determining a choice for a place to stay in the long term is certainly not easy, especially if you want to keep choosing a location in the middle of the city with the reason to stay close with the office where you work. Now many residential choices are offered to your liking, located in the middle of the city and close to everywhere. You only need to decide whether you want a standard house concept or prefer a vertical house concept like the Hyll condo. Of course, the choice must be adapted to various factors including your financial condition and your level of mobility. Choosing to live in a condominium, of course, will have greater operational costs that must be incurred every month.

Compared to living in a standard house, living in a condominium like the Hyll condo has more convenience and benefits because there are many facilities provided by the manager that can be enjoyed by the residents. Among the various facilities offered by the condominium manager, we will review some of them. One of them relates to security systems carried out by managers such as CCTV installation or surveillance cameras and security officers who are on standby for 24 hours. Included in this is the use of lift access cards that ensure the safety of condominium dwellers.

Next is sports facilities, they are the provision of sports facilities that can be utilized by residents such as jogging/cycling tracks, gym, tennis court, basketball court; and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. A swimming pool can be separated again its designation, they are swimming pools for adults and swimming pools for children. Other facilities that are considered important for condominium residents are the ease of buying food. For that, the Hyll showflat manager provides facilities such as restaurants, cafes, lounges, and food court. Occupants can easily search for food without having to leave the building, they can even sit and relax while enjoying food.

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