Head screws have several types according to the needs and location of use. Actually, there are still many types that are more detailed ball screw linear actuator. No need to understand in detail all types of screws, we just have to see and understand some types that will often be found in furniture fittings (hinges, locks, and other hardware). Additionally, if you also have some broken ball screw, then don’t throw them away, due to you can repair them at a trusted ball screw repair company.

Screw a – d
Usually used to install hinges, supporting plates or materials other than wood. The part that enters the wood is only its core diameter because the screw head of this type is fully functional to hold other materials attached to the wood.

It’s because of its use outside the surface, the final finishing of this type of screw head is usually smooth and uses holes for the configuration of certain brand screwdrivers.

Screw e
Angled head shape for easy screw head entering the wood. Installation should be at least as flat as the head of the wood surface or deeper. The most efficient performance is when the screw holes in the wood also follow the shape of the screw head so that the resulting pressure and bond is tighter. Special drill bits are available for making screw holes like this, called countersink drill bits.

The angled head shape of the screw is most often used in wooden furniture. For installation of components, equipment or temporary stand holders. In some applications, sometimes carpenters only make one hole without slope, when the screw is pressed into the wood, the pressure is able to make the screw head flat with the surface. It’s even deeper if it’s softwood. This type of tilted head screw is made of several types of metal according to its use.

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