Many things can we achieve in playing drama, both physical and psychological. This discussion will not separate in detail between playing drama and theater, because both are a unified whole. This article will be explained the benefits of playing drama or theater. You definitely need to teach this to your students if you want to perform in children’s plays with them.

Improve understanding

Increase our understanding of the phenomena and events that we often witness and face in our daily lives. We realize that understanding other people is the most difficult and time-consuming work. For this reason, drama/theater is one way to solve it. By playing drama or theater we always gather with people who are totally different from ourselves. In terms of individual differences, we are required to understand others. Our understanding of others is not only seen from the person but the whole person. Includes nature, character, way of talking, way of acting (behavior), how to respond to a problem, is a condition that we must understand from that person.

Sharpen emotional sensitivity

Drama trains us to hold our senses, train our sensitivity, develop our sensitivity, and sharpen our emotions. Feeling sometimes does not need to be felt, because it already exists within us. Keep in mind that taste, as something unique, needs to be nurtured to make it sharper. What we need is emotion. If not, then we will consider everything as normal. When in fact it is not the case. We are increasingly sensitive to something of course through more practice. Feeling beautiful, balanced, not suitable, not fun, not intimate is a part of emotions. Therefore, feelings need to be increased to achieve inner satisfaction.

The drama presents all that. Sensitive stage, sensitive to mistakes, sensitive to beauty, sensitive to sound or music, sensitive to unpleasant and unpleasant behavior, all come from the taste. The more we feel the smoother our response to something we face.

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