Most petrol mowers are rotary type. Main used are usually four-stroke engines, used for greater torque and clean combustion even though some older models use a two-stroke engine. Internal combustion engines used with lawn mowers usually only have one cylinder. The power generated is generally around 4-7 horsepower. Engines usually have a carburetor and require a manual crank tank to start, although some use a starter. Meanwhile, before we continue, if you’re looking for the best website to see which lawnmower that suits you, we suggest you visit to read a lot of reviews that cover some of the best lawnmowers that you can buy online.

Some mowers have controls on the handlebar for the operator to be able to adjust the speed of the machine. Other mowers have a fixed engine speed. Gasoline mowers have advantages over electric mowers and in terms of greater power and range. But gasoline engines cause pollution due to combustion in the engine and the engine requires periodic maintenance such as cleaning or replacing spark plugs and air filters and changing oil.

In addition to gasoline-powered lawn mowers, electric mowers are further divided into electric and cordless electric models. Both are relatively quiet and usually produce a sound of fewer than 75 decibels while playing with gasoline lawnmowers can produce 95 decibels or more.

Corded main cutters are very limited within a certain range due to the presence of electrical wires trailing them, thereby limiting their use to only cutting grass with an area of 30-45 m dad outlet. Ma additional danger of playing this dad if playing cut the power cord so that the user is at risk of receiving an electric shock.

Main cutting electric cordless usually uses rechargeable battery power. The more batteries, the wider the work and certainly heavier. Batteries can be stored inside the lawnmower or outside. Cordless cutting is more environmentally friendly but more expensive.

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