Having a long trip by driving a luxurious and modern car cannot be refused. Everyone wants to have a fun long trip to enjoy nature. Range Rover Sport is a better choice to experience a fun long trip. The range rover hire has some series of Ranger Rover. You can rent Range Rover Sport there to experience the thrilling yet fun adventure.

Safety is important during driving. Don’t worry. A person with little driving experience can drive Range Rover Sport. Check the safety features which are provided by the car below.

1. Autonomous Emergency Braking
The car will give the driver warning signs if the car has the potential to have an accident. If the driver does not react to the warning, the system will automatically activate the brakes.

2. Automatic Speed Limiter
The driver can set the maximum speed. Thus, the driver with a little driving experience can set the maximum speed and can enjoy the trip.

3. Drive Pack
Drive pack includes blind spot monitoring which informs the driver to change lane safely, traffic sign recognition which can read the signs of the speed limit on the road, then adjust the speed, and front parking aid.

4. Hill Controller
The car has additional braking power when driving in the steep slope to get to the peak. It will make the car stable while driving.

5. Airbags
The car provides airbags in the front seats. There is a system in the car which can turn off the airbags in the front seat if it detects the child sits there.

There are the main safety features in Range Rover Sport. However, it still has many safety features which are guided you to arrive safely in the destination. Again, you can visit our website to get the best place to hire a Range Rover for your trip!

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