In addition to cockroaches, there are other animals that often also disturb our comfort within the house and the animal was a rat! Besides noisy, because often running in the ceiling and roof of the house, the rat also damages many things at home, such as chewing on shoes, books, clothing, wood and hollow out the kitchen cupboards, hollow out bags of rice, and often bring food was left at the table. Upset at rampant rodents in your home? A rat can easily breed. If left alone, the rat population will be more and more, and certainly hurt us. Although it should be eradicated, we should not necessarily eradicate the entire rat that is because it can actually damage the balance of the ecosystem. How to overcome and eradicate the rat in our homes? You can contact the home pest control Columbia SC service or expulsion naturally in the following manner:

There are some things that are hated rats. Well, we can make it as an effective weapon to repel rats our home. Some things that are hated rats are noise and smell fresh and stinging. For more details, see examples of how to repel rat following natural home; Basically, rats do not like living crowded and noisy. Therefore, we can use this as a way to repel rat telling. Look chirping crickets can be hard, then the hang-angle corner of your home, as well as in those places where rat are often passed. Normally rats will go because the place is already uncomfortable for him.

Noni has a pungent odor that does not like rats. Because of this, using Noni is also effective to repel rodents in your home. Take 3 of noni fruit, then cut into smaller parts and put in a container. Put the container close to the rat’s nest or in areas that are often passed rat. In this way, the rat will be away from your home. Durian has a fresh pungent smell. Rat also hated it. Buy a durian fruit, eat meat. Well, use garbage durian which also has a pungent odor to repel rodents in your home. Put the durian skin and the remnants of the durian fruit near the nest and place frequented by rodents. Create a rat becomes uncomfortable and away from your home.

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