You must be quite happy that you have a client that really trusts in your freelance services such as Video Mapping. In this case, having a few loyal clients is not supposed to be enough to keep you moving forward. As business runs very dynamically, you never know what is going to happen to those loyal clients of yours. Thus, it is much better that you keep finding more clients while you maintain your quality of work. You should never take the quality of your work for granted if you do not want to lose your clients.

When you work as a freelancer, it is important for you to keep your social media up to date. You should let other people know what you work on so that they possibly consider hire you when they have the same or similar needs. Some popular social media are supposed to be continuously updated. You can use social media as a method to maintain the engagement of your audience. Uploading some feeds which are relevant to your audience is likely necessary to keep your brand of freelance services visible to them. Of some social media, you will figure out one or two social media that successfully attract high engagement.

Freelance projects usually come with abundant parts. Thus, you should ensure that you keep them safe before you send. It is going to be such a bad day when you find that your storage where you put your freelance files is damaged or corrupted. This is why it is recommended for you to regularly check the condition of your storages. By this way, you will be able to anticipate some risks that possibly ruin your day. Attention to a small thing like this case really matters to keep enjoy working as a freelancer for a relatively long time.

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