Dogs are animals that are often used as pets. Apart from being cute and adorable, this animal is also famous for its intelligence. But behind that, pet dogs can bite if they feel threatened, even by your child’s behavior. This condition can cause a child to be bitten by a dog. The data states that as many as 80% of dog bite victims are children. This situation makes parents must be more aware of the behavior of dogs, even though they are pets that look docile. And the damage and injury you suffered should be compensated by the owner of the dog. You need to get help from a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles to get fair compensation.

If your child becomes a dog bite victim, don’t panic right away. Do the following as a first-aid measure;

• If there is active bleeding, immediately take a clean towel and place it in the area of the wound with slight pressure. This action aims to stop the bleeding that occurs.

• If a wound from a dog bite does not cause blood to flow out, encourage yourself to press the wound until the blood comes out. This aims to prevent bacteria from entering deeper.

• Place the injured part in a higher position.

• Wash the wound area with soap and clean running water.

• Wrap the wound with sterile gauze.

• If there is a pain, you can give children pain medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

After performing a series of actions above, make sure you immediately bring the child victim to dog bites to the nearest health facility. At the health facility, the doctor will again clean the bite wound. If dead tissue is found around the injured area, the doctor will remove the tissue so that it will be easily replaced by new skin growth. If there is still bleeding that flows from the wound and does not decrease with pressure in the area, the suturing will be done by the doctor.

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