If the title of your content promises a benefit, people will be encouraged to click and read the article. As mentioned above, people will be more likely to click on an article if they know what they will get. Your title must be able to convince the reader that they will get something by reading your article. To be able to do this successfully, you need to know your audience. One example of an article title that shows benefits is an article from HuffingtonPost entitled “The Best Salmon Recipes For Quick and Easy Dinners”. From the title, people will know that from the article, they will get a salmon recipe that can be cooked quickly and easily for dinner. You can see content gorilla review on our website.

When you make a comparison of the title of the content, people will usually be curious about the relationship between the two. Every day, people make many decisions. Content with a title containing a comparison will make people curious. Why does the content writer feel that A is better than B? This will encourage them to read your article. In addition, comparison articles can also help readers to determine which things or products are right for them.

One of the most popular types of content on the Internet is the type of content listicles – that is, content in the form of lists. People love reading listicles because they are easy to read and save time. Therefore, entering numbers in the content title can attract the reader’s attention. Articles that use numbers in the title are usually articles that contain tips and tricks. Therefore, you should plan to try to make articles tips and tricks that can be directly tried by article readers.

If you use keywords in all articles, you must also enter them in the title. Readers will know what your article is about and what they can expect from reading it; as well as search engines. By entering keywords in the title, you will attract more clicks and readers, get more share on social media, rank higher in SERPs, and get more website traffic. When someone searches for these keywords and Google shows them on the search results page, users will know that your posts have what they are looking for.

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