As information for you, the use of lip balm in general aims to maintain hydration of the lips so that it does not dry, especially if you are active in an air-cooled or open room. Lip balm itself also generally can help in protecting lips from the dangers of sunlight which can make black lips if the lip balm contains SPF. If your lips turn black after using lip balm or become itchy and swollen, then there may be an allergy or irritation from the lip balm material on your lips. To avoid this, you can make your own lipgloss.

Therefore we recommend choosing Lip Balm or other face care products that have guaranteed quality. In addition to using lip balm, actually to moisturize the lips can also be done by consuming water at least 2 liters per day, multiply to eat fruits and vegetables, stop smoking, do not often lick the lips, do not pull the skin of the lips.

When the aroma of lip balm is so tempting, there is actually a greater danger potential that threatens your lips. As a consumer, you must be sensitive in choosing lip balm products. You should not choose a lip balm that contains the following ingredients.

1. Menthol or phenol

Yes, menthol can provide an immediate cooling sensation, but it can also cause irritation and cause problems for your lips. So it’s best to avoid lip balms containing menthol or phenol. Instead, look for products with shea butter that not only retain moisture on the lips, but also give the lips a soft feeling.

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is said to be very good for rejuvenating the skin, but for some people, it can cause an allergic reaction to the use of topical vitamin E. You who are sensitive better choose liquid honey on the lips because it can provide moisture on the lips, without the risk of irritation.

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