In the information age like now, in fact, there are still credit card users who are not wise in using credit cards. In this context, the credit card held is used as a cash withdrawal card at various automated teller machines (ATMs) or a

Credit card cash withdrawal is one easy step to get funds from a credit card. Enough with the following easy steps:

1. Visit an ATM that works with your credit card bank
2. Insert your credit card into an ATM machine
3. Enter your credit card PIN number
4. Determine the amount you want to withdraw. Remember, generally there will be a withdrawal fee and the amount that can be withdrawn depends on the credit card.

Indeed cash withdrawal can help finance in an emergency. However, the question that needs to be considered is are the credit card users aware of the risks they will bear from cash withdrawals?

One of these risks is the maximum interest fee set by the Bank in each country and also the cash withdrawal fee that is directly charged when withdrawing. With so much more you do credit card cash withdrawal, the greater the costs you incur.

Cash withdrawals from credit cards can actually be done in two ways, namely through an ATM machine or cash advance at a store that provides a cash withdrawal machine. Both have advantages and disadvantages for each.

Withdraw Credit Card via ATM or Cash Advance, Which Is Cheaper? Answering this question, the cash withdrawal fee via ATM has been explained above. While cash advance is only subject to an average fee of up to 2.5% of the value drawn in cash. It is cheaper than cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Specifically for the cash withdrawal function of this credit card, it should be noted that cash withdrawals should only be made during emergencies and are urgent, because the advance withdrawal fee may become an additional burden for credit card users. In short, cash withdrawals can be done if:

• Performed in an emergency due to not carrying cash or debit cards / ATM cards
• There is a certainty to pay bills on time to minimize the risk of increasing credit card interest expense.
• There is an urgent need.

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