Not only car engines that need maintenance, but car tires also need maintenance so that they are not easily damaged and have problems when driving. And when there is a damage on the tire you need to quickly replace it with tires available at Routine maintenance will increase the life of your tires. Every time you go by car, make it a habit to always check the air pressure on the tires. Especially if your car is often used to carry passengers or a lot of luggage. Lack of wind pressure on the tire will reduce the speed of the car because the vehicle will be heavier.

Not all roads are smooth. Even in some areas which are often crossed by large vehicles, there are potholes and road repair often occur. When going through the potholes, make sure you reduce the speed of the car so that the tires do not break easily. Also avoid areas that are undergoing roadwork or house construction, because usually a lot of remnants of materials such as nails or other sharp material that can damage the tire. Rotating front and rear tires is a good way to keep your tires durable. Because the front tires often experience friction which causes the tires to be bald. Usually, the rotation of the tire is done every 10,000 km or you can see it in the car purchase manual on the rules of doing a good tire rotation.

If you regularly do car servicing, don’t forget to check your car tires. Because car tires are the most frequently overlooked part. The workshop must have a reliable person and complete equipment. So if there are problems with car tires, you can immediately find out and not too late to handle it. It is better to make a regular schedule to check your car in the workshop at least once a month. Good care not only increases the life of the car but also will make you safe and comfortable when driving. If indeed your car is past its safe age, another option is to sell your old car and replace it with a new one.

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