Planks and crunches are two types of exercise that effectively build muscle. However, why are you diligent in sit-ups but your stomach is still distended too? Naturally! This is because planks and sit-ups are not, in fact, a good type of exercise. Aside from that, if you want to make a drink which burns your fat quickly, you may learn about the snake juice recipe.

Planks and sit-ups tighten muscles, do not burn fat

Planks and crunches are still often introduced as a shrink. But in reality, the effect of reducing abdominal fat from both types of exercise is not too large. Because planks and sit-ups actually include sports that specifically aim to train and increase muscle mass so that it becomes stronger.

Increased abdominal muscle mass is what makes people think that crunches or planks alone are enough to get rid of fat due to a distended stomach. When what actually happens is that your stomach is limited to feel firmer than before. Fat tissue still remains behind your stomach.

Research in the journal Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport shows that just doing planks or sit-ups even routinely in 5 days a week for 6 consecutive weeks does not reduce subcutaneous fat and visceral fat behind the stomach.

This is because when we do crunches or planks, fat metabolism does not only occur in the abdomen but throughout the body. The process of burning fat around the stomach when we do crunches or planks is only a small part compared to the process of overall body fat metabolism.

Then, is there an effective abdominal exercise?

Remember, only focusing on training one specific body part does not necessarily eliminate fat on that part. Exercising by relying only on one repetitive motion such as sit-ups or planks tends to be less effective at burning fat and losing weight.

In fact, there is no one type of exercise that is effective at burning belly fat. Generally, the reduction in various body fat tissues will depend on how many calories we burn during exercise. Burning calories from exercise will also depend on the variety, duration, and intensity of physical activity. In addition, if you really want to shrink the stomach, you also need to balance your exercise routine with a healthy lifestyle as a whole.

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