B1 Test is an important thing to do because it will be a requirement for a naturalized British citizen. You have to pass this test as well, which might be hard to do. In this test, you have to show your English language ability and send the details of the test to the Home Office as a part of your application. There are several tests that you have to do, two of them is speaking and listening. If you want to know more about it, just check the information down below.

Speaking and Listening Sections in B1 Test
There are so many people take the speaking and listening sections in the visit us, but not everyone has succeeded and passed the test. The test is costing £150 a time, so it will be so hard for people who take the exam again. You have to prepare and confident enough to pass it for the first time. It is only last a total of 10 minutes, which you will be in a room with the examiner.
In the interview room, you might be nervous about this B1 test, right? The examiner will talk to you and judge your English language skill as well as against the B1 level criteria. They will specifically check your ability by talking about plans and what will happen in your life, giving reasons, saying how long events and experienced, or even saying how much and how many. So, make sure you are ready with the questions.
That’s all the explanation and best information about speaking and listening sections in the B1 test that you need to know. To pass the test, make sure to do practicing the conversation as much as you can, whether with your native friends or other. Practice makes perfect, so do it while you can. Let’s have a try and good luck!

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