We should provide a special time to pamper ourselves after a full week of activities, especially for treating hair. Hair that is exposed to pollution and the blazing sun will look dull and unhealthy. Try two hair treatments at hair salons near me open now to make them beautiful and shiny.

Hair Spa
The function and process of the hair spa are actually similar to traditional creambath. This treatment is done to restore the state of hair to normal and suitable for those who like to experiment with their hair. For example, hair that is often dyed or exposed to rebonding drugs will be more easily damaged and dry if not treated. Hair that has been dyed cannot use ordinary shampoo, in the sense that shampoo has the least emulsion content. This emulsion is in charge of keeping the hair from being oily. Meanwhile, hair that is often straightened or permed will invite ammonia (chemical compounds) into the hair, making it dry and cracked. With a hair spa, the hair will receive more emulsions and neutralize the condition of the scalp.

Hair spa ingredients are shaped like a cream that has been added serum so that the price is more expensive than an ordinary cream bath. This cream functions as a hair softener and neutralizes the hair root condition to improve hair growth. The process is exactly the same as creambath, which is through the steps of washing hair, applying cream (creambath), and massage (massage). Hair spas can be done every two weeks, if too often even make hair tends to dandruff because the remnants of the cream will continue to accumulate.

Hair Mask
The use of hair masks is the same as hair spas, which is to treat damaged hair shaft. The process is slightly different from creambath and hair spa because it is done without head massage. The cream used is only applied to the hair and combed to soak into the scalp, then let it stand until it is stiff (like facial masks). After that, the hair is rinsed thoroughly and dried as usual. People who have recently dyed their hair or used chemical-based drugs on their hair are strongly advised to do this treatment. To get maximum results, damaged hair must do a hair mask on a regular basis so that the condition of the hair back to normal.

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